Third Party Attestation Services

As more organizations rely on outsourcing aspects of their business, transparency regarding security efforts is essential.

​Everyone says they are secure, but a third party attestation service can help prove it. In the age of breaches, transparency into an organization's policies, controls, processes, and security helps to instill confidence for potential vendors and partners. SecureState's third party attestation services can provide companies with a seal of confidence that gives them a competitve advantage in the marketplace.


Letters of attestation provide third party verification for a company looking to work with another organization. When your company might not want to share the entirety of a report on work done by SecureState, a letter of attestation can tell customers that you have worked to improve your security and address any issues found.

Letters of attestation can also be used with software or hardware, to acknowledge that the program or device has been tested, providing potential buyers with piece of mind about using the product.


SecureState has worked with many clients to assess and document their security or the security of their products. With so much experience, we also understand how our clients' customers often need assurance as to the state of security at the organization. Our expertise in both security and client communications will help you deliver the message you need to your customers to provide them with the piece of mind they need.

Approach and Methodology

SecureState's Letter of Attestation is based on the specific services our company provides for our clients. We will craft our letter toward providing the exact information needed by your customers. We can attest to what services we completed, and how your company has resolved any issues discovered by those services.

For software, SecureState can provide a letter stating what was tested and how it was fixed. Additionally, SecureState can also provide you and your customers with a guide for proper configuration to run the software securely under. While we cannot guarantee security outside of this configuration, this can be used to let customers know how the product was tested and found most secure.

For hardware and devices, SecureState can provide a letter detailing the testing of the device and the conditions it was tested under. These types of letters can let your clients or customers know the proper way to securely use the device without creating new vulnerabilities.

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