Site Assessment and Monitoring Program

This program will take a holistic view of a physical security program, applying appropriate business policies and procedures to ensure that risk is effectively mitigated.

It is vital for organizations to take a proactive approach to their physical security program. During a site monitoring and assessment program, SecureState will look at physical security policies, procedures, management, vendors, and controls to determine what deterrents and response procedures are in place to reduce risk, prevent future acts and mitigate fall out should an incident occur.


Many organizations spend thousands of dollars on physical security controls but never evaluate them appropriately. SecureState can determine how easily an attacker can circumvent these controls. SecureState uses a detailed client guided approach to evaluate the available controls and technologies to a company in place for physical security. SecureState provides a thorough qualitative evaluation of existing physical security methods and measures based on the current national security climate and the risk factors and incorporate best practices identified by industry trade.


SecureState is comprised of highly qualified employees with unique skills including military intelligence experience, security clearances, and advanced information and other technology skills that allow us to address our clients’ key technology priorities and most pressing security needs. Our approach follows industry accepted testing methodologies such as PTES, NIST 800-115, and OSSTMM. These capabilities, along with our comprehensive knowledge of our clients’ missions, enable SecureState to build and maintain long-standing relationships with clients.

SecureState is experienced in providing site assessments and continuous montiroing services. Since 2003, SecureState has served as an integral part of several organizations’ Physical Security Programs, assisting with the development of the strategy and refinement of business processes which support them.

Detailed Approach

SecureState meets with client security or facility personnel onsite to perform a guided walkthrough of the facility or location. Along with the client, SecureState evaluates all Physical Security controls that are in place. SecureState then attempts to determine what physical vulnerabilities of the evaluated controls are present.  SecureState uses this information to determine if certain controls need to be improved, or if a new technology can assist with mitigating threat agents identified from the initial phases.

SecureState’s review of the Program and Development of the strategic plan will include a full review of the three pillars of security: People, Processes, and Technology. During each phase, SecureState will cover all three pillars in detail to ensure that a full solution can be developed to protect against future threats and regulatory concerns.

After the assessment, SecureState will work with you to determine the DesiredState for the entire organization. Once established, a plan can be developed to transition from CurrentState to their DesiredState. SecureState will look forward at regulatory requirements and provide forecasting and strategic guidance that will allow your organization to improve their security program to deal with future threats and regulatory concerns. The strategy will include long term strategic goals, tactical objectives, a realistic timeline, and responsible parties.

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