Securing Wireless WAN Technology

Adopting wireless WAN technology for operations reduces cost and increases efficiency, but also impacts the overall security risk.

Energy devices are often in isolated locales that are not easy to connect using traditional broadband technology. Wireless wide area network (WAN) technology is a currently developing solution that offers many companies an opportunity to replace outdated communications systems. With new technologies, new security issues may arise that your company will want to fully understand before full implementation.


Wireless WAN technology offers companies an easier and more cost efficient way to connect their most remote devices into their network. Compared to the cost of wiring a station for broadband, Wireless WAN technogy can save organizations money and time that could better be spent elsewhere.


SecureState has experience working with a  variety of new technologies, and has worked with proprietary networks such as wireless WANs in the past. Our team can assess the security of any new technology, and provide your company with a full understanding of the capabilities and vulnerabilities of each WAN technology and guidance on your best options.

Detailed Approach

Many substations are in remote or isolated locations, and communication with these stations can be an issue. Substations often rely on outdated technology, still using modems to connect over existing phone lines, which cannot provide the speed necessary for accurate security monitoring. The locations of these facilities often mean that wiring in broadband is cost-prohibitive or impossible. Wireless WAN technology provides a solution to this issue, but not without potential problems of its own.

WAN technology is often proprietary in nature, making understanding the unique security issues of any particular WAN even more challenging. SecureState has experience working with proprietary WAN technologies and will customize our methodologies based on the specific technology your company wants to implement. Due to the often remote nature of these substations, physical security is often not as strong as it could be, so you need to be certain that the devices you are using are as secure as possible to prevent any kind of tampering.

SecureState can also provide additional research on the best methods for integrating newer WAN technologies with the older operating technology (OT) that may exist at your substations. OT often stays in place for more than ten years, so adding the capability for WAN communication may involve a variety of different workarounds. SecureState can help your company determine the best way to add WAN capability and how to implement it across your substations.

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