Revenue Process Engineering

Creating or modifying processes for revenue growth is essential to grow a business, but also brings new security risks.

Creating or modifying processes for revenue generation is essential to keep up with the fast paced industry. However, there are new security risks and potential vulnerabilities that come with changes to current processes and procedures. SecureState can help design the security around new revenue generation tools and processes.


Security needs to be designed from the beginning.  As organizations search for new processes designed to generate revenue, it is critical to have security involved early as an architect to limit risks.


SecureState has been working for years on PCI compliance efforts for a variety of companies. Through our PCI work, we have seen many different companies and worked with a variety of solutions. Our staff includes multiple QSAs who can provide guidance at key portions of the re-engineering process.

Detailed Approach

SecureState begins any payment process re-engineering by examining the current process, and assessing where our clients need to be. SecureState first consults with our client's executive team to understand the goals of the business. SecureState will specifically consider the future plans of your company as they will affect the process.

With an understanding of the goals, SecureState will work with your revenue process owners and the IT/Security team to understand the data flow and controls that need to be in place. Based on this information, SecureState will redesign your payment process, making it as efficient and secure as possible. SecureState will then review this plan with you, ensuring that our solutions meet all of your needs and adjusting the design as necessary.

With all of this done, SecureState will give you the full design and either assist in implementation or help your company find a third party to handle the full implementation.

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