Pre-Sale Security Preparation

When preparing to offer your company for sale, ensure your value to prospective buyers by demonstrating your overall high security.

Organizations that are looking to sell themselves to another company needs to be certain that they are offering the best value to their potential purchasers, while minimizing the risk that companies may take on by acquiring them. SecureState can help you begin this process years before the eventual sale


By working to ensure your company's security ahead of time, you are making your organization much more desirable for acquisition. Additionally, you are protecting the assets you already have, working to guarantee minimal losses occur before the sale. M&A groups want to acquire companies that will not increase their risk, so ensuring that your company has done everything possible to mitigate its risks ahead of the sale is essential.


SecureState has worked with many clients to identify their risks and work to mitigate or remediate them. Our expert staff can help your company assess both short term and long term risks to determine the best combination of immediate actions and larger strategies to ensure your company is as secure as possible, offering the greatest amount of potential benefit to any company looking to purchase it.

Approach and Methodology

SecureState's approach to the potential sale of a company beings with an immediate risk assessment to examine the overall current state of the organization. Based on this, SecureState will then work with the company to tactically address the immediate issues facing them first, then moving on to the longer term solutions to issues.

To do this, SecureState will work with the organization to develop a one to three year Strategic and Operational Overview. This overview begins with an examination of the current spending levels within the company, comparing the organization's spending to industry standards and examining if resources are being properly allocated to ensure a secure environment. Additionally, based on the risk assessment and further discussions with key personnel, SecureState will determine if there are gaps in the program that need to be addressed in the long term.

This type of financial security planning is essential in providing the best value to a potential purchasing group. With this kind of data and planning in place, your company can ensure that purchasing your organization will not place the buyer under added financial burdens or increase their risk unknowingly. To do this, sellers should begin working with SecureState at least a year or more before the potential sale, strengthening their posture as soon as possible. This type of proactive approach to security should make your company even more attractive as a potential acquisition.

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