Post-Acquisition Security Assessment

Once a purchase of an organization is complete, the purchaser needs to know that the company is secure, or at the very least what additional risks are being assumed by the purchase.

With the papers signed and a company purchased, a buyer may be taking on previously unimagined security issues and risks. SecureState can help determine what these risks are and how to address them.


In many cases, an organization is bought with a specific purpose in mind, and rarely is that purpose improved security. By assessing the state of security of a purchased company, the buyers can know what risks exist, and how to best mitigate them before causing any additional issues for themselves.


SecureState has worked with many companies to assess their risks and security issues and develop short and long term plans to address them. We can deliver tactical plans that deal with the most pressing immediate issues while also working with your company to ensure the long term integration of your new purchase into your security efforts. We can provide the continuing guidance needed to maintain an effective security posture, no matter what organizations you are acquiring.

Approach and Methodology

Once a company is purchased, the buyer needs to know as much as possible about any additional risks or security issues that are being taken on. SecureState works with the purchasing company to understand each issue, and build a plan for dealing with any problems.

SecureState beings by performing a risk assessment of the newly purchased organization, identifying areas of risk, methods of resolving the risks, and potential areas for security control development. SecureState then works with the buyers to develop a strategic and operational plan for the coming one to three years. This plan will look at security spending occurring in both organizations, comparing spending to industry standards while also assessing its effectiveness at securing the companies.

SecureState's strategic and operational plans will work to blend the two organizations into one secure whole, eliminating redundancies in the security programs while working to ensure the best possible return on the security investment. By considering all of the assets available from both organizations and streamlining them, SecureState can help your organization develop a stronger security environment than it had before the purchase.

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