M&A Due Diligence Assessment

As part of purchasing a company, a buyer must perform due diligence and fully understand what they are purchasing.

Purchasing a new company potentially opens the buyer up to a variety of issues. Before you purchase any organizations, learn what you can about the risks and problems you may be taking on.


Examining the security in place at a potential purchase allows you to make a more informed decision and fully understand the potential impacts of the purchase on your organization. While security may not be the reason you are purchasing a company, it can often drastically affect the potential value of a company. If a purchased company eventually ends up costing you more than you profit due to a security breach or missing compliance, your investment could end up negatively impacting your profits.


SecureState has worked with companies in many differently industries to understand their security and compliance concerns and help them address their concerns in a quick, cost-effective manner. We have worked to assess the security concerns and risks of our clients, helping them address the issue. SecureState's experts have experience working with a variety of regulatory and compliance standards, and can help your organization develop an understanding of each as needed.

Approach and Methodology

SecureState begins our due diligence work by performing a full risk assessment of the seller. This risk assessment will identify the various individual risk that pose the biggest challenges to the seller organization, examining the controls in place to mitigate or remediate these issues. This should provide the buyer with a clear understanding of the security and compliance efforts already in place at the seller company.

Additionally, SecureState will work with the buyer to understand the reason for purchasing the other organization. If the buyer is purchasing the company for one particular asset or purpose, that asset should be the focal point of any assessments. Any gap assessments or audits should be built around the reason for the purchase, with efforts outside that scope completed only in as much as they affect the primary goal asset.

SecureState will target our assessments as the buyer needs. We will use the FAIR methodology to apply probabilities and potential dollar losses on any specific risks or events we identify. By doing this, SecureState will provide the buyer with the valuable intelligence needed to inform any purchasing decision.

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