Logging and Monitoring Program

Ongoing system logging and monitoring will allow for timely detection and response to suspicious activities.

Logging and monitoring programs are a critical component of ensuring quick and timely response to potential threats and incidents. Each day, a flood of events cross a network and determining which ones are irrelevant and which ones matter is difficult. SecureState's logging and monitoring programs can help a client identify and correlate events to detect malicious activity.


Logging and monitoring programs are key defensive preparations that can greatly improve your chances of stopping attacks before they cause harm to your company. If an incident does occur, a well implemented logging and tracking program can make discovering the method of attack and the extent of the damage much easier.


SecureState's team has helped many of our clients respond to issues as they occur, and has spent years helping these organizations protect themselves ahead of an attack. What makes SecureState different is the ability to help with Incident Response from a hacker’s point of view. SecureState knows how hackers compromise networks because we do it ethically for clients on a daily basis and concurrently assess the impact and risk controls. By combining data forensics, hacker, and risk perspectives, SecureState provides an integrated and in-depth response to determine how, when, why, and where a compromise occurred.

SecureState continually attends the latest security conferences and seminars to stay current on the approaches and strategies used by computer attackers, the vectors and risks exploited, and the prevention and detection defenses available for deployment. Additionally, SecureState provides hands-on technical training sessions for forensic analysis, tabletop IR exercises, event and threat analysis, application and malware dissection, and incident handling.

Detailed Approach

SecureState will work with your organization to develop an incident response team capable of preparing for incidents before they occur and handling any incidents that do occur. To prepare your team with an effective incident response plan, SecureState will look at the key assets the organization wishes to protect, and assess the logging and monitoring programs already in place. Additionally, SecureState will look at what type of network segmentation is in place at the organization, as a properly segmented network is one of the most cost-effective defensive measures in preventing attackers from gaining information in your network.

Based on the logging in place, SecureState will recommend changes to the configuration to improve the overall level of the program. SecureState will also work with your company to implement a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool if you do not currently have one in place. If you have one, we will work with you to properly tune your SIEM to be as effective as possible in protecting your assets.

Finally, SecureState will work with your staff to train them on the proper usage of the SIEM. A SIEM can only be effective if the people using it know how to manage it and understand the information it provides.

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