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Information security can feel overwhelming... let us help you get started.

Manufacturing moves fast, and must constantly employ new technologies in order to compete in the global economy. But with new technology comes new security risks. Let us help you manage that risk so that you can do what you do best.


Integrating an effective information security program into your organization may seem like a daunting task. It may not seem like you are getting a solid ROI. But you spend so much time and money developing your IP and producing quality products to NOT protect that investment.

SecureState can help your organization build a cost effective and sustainable information security program. We leverage our years of experience and work with your organization to develop a program based on best practices and your unique challenges.


SecureState is a management consulting firm specializing in information security. We solve complex problems by using technical services to facilitate strategic decisions. By identifying the problem in a causal relationship we can provide tactical and strategic recommendations to position our clients in achieving their SecureState.

Detailed Approach

SecureState has developed our business model through years of consulting experience. This model facilitates our clients’ pursuit of their future goals (their desired state) from where they are now (their current state). Ultimately, our goal is for our clients to achieve a consistent, measureable, and repeatable process that can be applied to any business environment. In security, we call this the SecureState.To start, SecureState partners with clients to provide a wide array of services that allow us to gain an understanding of our clients’ security and risk posture in their CurrentState. After we identify the current state, our clients receive a roadmap that outlines the strategic and tactical recommendations that will guide them to their desired state. While it may sound simple… it’s one of the most challenging gaps for businesses to bridge. Without the synergistic relationship between strategic and tactical recommendations… an organization might get trapped in the assessment death cycle… where they implement only some components and quickly fall back into a deteriorated state… where they start the process all over again with CurrentState assessments.

Frustration builds as the organization’s vision is not realized. SecureState removes that frustration with support throughout the implementation of the roadmap. Once the Desired State is achieved… SecureState will then help the client reach operational excellence through the use of a four phased approached based on the Deming cycle of quality management or Plan – Do – Check - Act. With SecureState as your business advisor… we will work with you to increase your security level while decreasing the amount of risk you’re accepting.

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