Developing Strategies for Complying to Multiple Compliance Standards

Financial institutions have a wide range of regulations they must comply with and must develop a strategy for addressing this.

Financial organizations often must comply with two or more sets of regulations such as OCC, Federal Reserve, NCUA, SEC, and FFIEC, which can be a complex process to stay on top of. Different regulations can contradict, or at the very least require differing levels of security. Managing a single compliance can be difficult, but managing multiple compliances can be nearly impossible for a financial company on top of all of its other obligations.


Meeting multiple compliances is a demanding process. By taking a careful and balanced approach, your company  can reduce the need for additional work, focusing on meeting all regulations the first time. This can reduce the cost by limiting the time and assessments needed for complete compliance.


SecureState has a team with experience working with every type of regulation and compliance requirement. Out team has experience in navigating the complexities of these rules and regulations, working to keep the cost in time and money our clients as low as possible while working to ensure the highest standards.

Approach and Methodology

SecureState begins by examining which regulations your company needs to comply with. We will bring in a team of professionals with an extensive knowledge of each regulation, who will work to assess the strictest controls that your organization must comply with in each compliance standard. With this in knowledge, SecureState will implement a Cross Compliance Framework (CCF), which allows us to map these controls across standards, ensuring that you meet each of them in your efforts.

SecureState will then work with your organization to build and improve your security and compliance controls to meet each compliance. SecureState will then also work to identify the best course of future action, identifying the assessments and certifications you will need to maintain all of your compliances. By planning this out ahead of time, SecureState can help make sure your future efforts are as cost-effective as possible, reducing redundant testing and assessments as much as possible.

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