Developing Secure Mobile Applications

Financial institutions are feeling a big push to offer more of their services through mobile applications and need to ensure the transactions are secure.

Mobile banking is becoming a popular alternative to traditional online banking for consumers. The ability to log on to an application and check balances, transfer funds, pay bills, and deposit checks is a convenience that demands the financial industry continually improve their applications. SecureState can help banks ensure that the mobile applications their customers are using are safe and secure.


Mobile application development offers banks and other financial companies new ways to connect with their customers, but also opens them to new complications and security issues. Building security into the development process from the start guarantees that it is an integral part of the whole application.


SecureState is an expert in mobile application security. Our consultants perform over 100 security assessments per year while frequently speaking and publishing articles on the topic of application security. SecureState consultants have hands-on experience in all stages of the software development lifecycle and are able to leverage these diverse experiences when working with our clients.

Developing Secure Mobile Application

SecureState’s approach to mobile application development starts with an inventory of the applications in the environment and building a categorized and prioritized list. This is a critical first step that is often overlooked by programs focused on application security. It is impossible to build an application security program unless you know the number of applications in the environment and the regulatory, financial, and operational security requirements of the applications. SecureState gathers this information and gets everyone to the starting line so the application can flow through the rest of the process.

The rest of the process follows the classic phases in a waterfall development cycle, as the mobile application moves from having the requirements defined, architecting the application, building and testing the application, deploying the application to production, and maintaining the application in production. During each phases, specific steps need to be taken to properly address application security. Each one of the security components added to the SDLC plays a critical role; therefore it is important to make sure the client or SecureState perform all of the steps. This approach to mobile application development can be applied to any SDLC process. Though originally built to work with waterfall development, the process can be integrated into agile development or any other development process as needed.

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