Developing Secure Applications

By keeping security in mind throughout the development lifecycle, developers can protect against potential exploitable vulnerabilities and reduce cost.

Secure coding practices are a critical component of application development. Ensuring that applications are not vulnerable to attackers will increase the likelihood that the application will become trusted and respected by the user community. Not only can SecureState test for vulnerabilities, we also offer training courses focused on secure development practices.


SecureState's development process is flexible and can be integrated with any system your company currently uses. Additionally this process can work with internally developed, commercial, open source, and outsourced web applications.


SecureState is an expert in secure application development. Our consultants perform over 240 security assessments per year while frequently speaking and publishing articles on the topic of web application security. SecureState consultants have hands-on experience in all stages of the software development lifecycle and base their advice and recommendations on their diverse experience.

Detailed Approach

When creating a development program focused on security, SecureState begins by taking a full inventory of applications currently in the environment as well as the regulatory, financial, and operational security requirements of the applications. With these details, SecureState can help build a development program that enhances security while meeting your business needs.

The development process for individual applications follows the classic phases in a waterfall SDLC: Define requirements, create the application architecture, build and test the application, deploy the application, and maintain the application in production. During each phase, SecureState takes specific steps to properly address application security.

Additionally, SecureState can work with your company to determine the security status of current applications, either during or after development. By performing a variety of assessments on your applications, SecureState can advise you on the best methods for making future development even more secure.

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