Customized Solutions

A unique solution tailored to any specific business needs, because one size doesn't fit all.

We understand that businesses come with unique challenges that sometimes an out-of-box solution just won't solve. To combat this, we have developed a customized solution program tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We will work with you to identify and assess any new technology, solution, challenge, or idea and develop a customized service to fit your needs.


SecureState's primary focus, in terms of Special Projects, involves tackling any problem even if the solution is not readily available. Rather than purchase something that only partially solves your problem, let us work to craft the right solution.


SecureState has performed customized work for clients throughout its years of existence. Subject Matter Experts will be engaged in this type of work where appropriate. This includes experts in Forensics, Compliance, Penetration Testing, Privacy, Governance, Security Engineering, and Incident Response.

Approach and Methodology

Each Special Project will be unique to the problem at hand. In many cases, these begin with a facilitated Whiteboard Session between SecureState and the key resources at your organization in order to map out the problem and decide on a direction. Often times, a simple Whiteboard Session is all it takes for a client to get moving in the right direction. Regardless of the situation, SecureState remains involved in developing and implementing a solution. These solutions vary, similar to the clients we conduct business with. This process may involve performing customized development to build a software solution unique to one client; or developing a process for managing and prioritizing vendor assessments based on potential risk. SecureState will bring in the right internal and external resources to provide the right solution.

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