CIP Critical Infrastructure Protection

CIP-014 is the physical security standard that focuses industry resources on protecting the highest priority critical infrastructure facilities on the Bulk-Power System.

Our Solutions
  • CIP-014CIP-014The NERC CIP-014 regulations require substations to implement specific controls to minimize physical, cyber, and operational security risks.
  • CIP%20Continual%20ComplianceCIP Continual ComplianceA well designed continual compliance program can help maximize your team’s productivity in meeting CIP compliance while minimizing redundant or unnecessary work.
  • CIP-014%20Physical%20Program%20ReviewCIP-014 Physical Program ReviewCIP-014 is the physical security standard for transmission substations to protect them against any attacks that might cause a cascading effect, taking out large portions of the grid.
  • NERC%20CIPv6%20Cyber%20Vulnerability%20AssessmentNERC CIPv6 Cyber Vulnerability AssessmentValidate security controls are effectively protecting critical infrastructure and are compliant with CIPv6.
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