Whiteboard Session

A whiteboard session allows SecureState and our clients a collaborative environment through which we can develop unique, customized solutions to solve the most complex security problems.

Collaboration is the key to solving complex problems that impact the entire organization. The whiteboard is the primary vehicle to flow out ideas and brainstorm directions for special projects, future planning, etc. in a collaborative environment. SecureState uses this service in several different facets, whether to decide on a future direction for our client’s security program, identify data flows and design new architectures, or identify threats that may impact the organization.


A whiteboard session ensures that everyone is on the same page. SecureState consultants and company executives can see the thoughts of their team members when they are on the whiteboard. These sessions stimulate creativity and allow for a collaborative approach to solving a complex problem.


SecureState is a management consulting firm specializing in information security. We are experts in security planning and meeting facilitation, which allows for all ideas to be flowed out and receive the right amount of attention. SecureState is unique in information security because we are also business experts. We can take a complex, sometimes technical subject such as security and make executives understand the impact to them in business terms.

Approach and Methodology

The first step in any whiteboard session is to identify and define the problem or challenge the client is facing. SecureState then works with the client to collaboratively map out potential solutions. We detail the pros and cons of potential solutions, looking at them from not only a security perspective, but also a business perspective.

At the end of a whiteboard session, SecureState and the client will have agreed upon the best solution and a set of next steps to proceed forward. The whiteboard session typically yields a series of action items for both SecureState and key company team members.

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