Secure Coding Practices Development

Ensure that your developers have the skills and methodology to create secure applications.

​Secure coding practice development defines a set of general software security coding practices that can be integrated into the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Implementation of these practices will mitigate most common software vulnerabilities.


As organizations harden their perimeter, more and more attacks are focusing on web and mobile applications. Secure Coding Practices help ensure applications are coded securely to prevent vulnerabilities that may lead to system compromise and data loss. Moreover, Secure Coding Practices are a critical component of a larger Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SecSLDC), as they provide developers with guidelines to securely code applications. 


SecureState is an expert in web application security. Our consultants perform many security assessments per year and frequently speak and publish articles on the topic of application security. Additionally, the staff at SecureState have hands-on experience in all stages of the software development lifecycle and are able to leverage these diverse experiences when creating Secure Coding Practices.

Approach and Methodology

Developing secure coding practices is an iterative and dynamic process. SecureState’s approach begins with an onsite review of our client's current development environment by conducting detailed technical interviews and hands on sessions with developers. SecureState will learn what development environments are being used and what coding practices are being followed. This information enables SecureState to begin developing a customized document of Secure Coding Practices. This document will list detailed practices that can be referenced and used by our client’s developers to develop and maintain secure code. SecureState will work with the company's developers (as well as contractors) to ensure that the standards reflect the environment and can be implemented within the organization's culture. Secure Coding Practices are an important part of an SDLC, specifically during the Architecture & Design Phase.

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