Red Team Service

A Red Team Assessment is not limited by scope in the ways a traditional pentest is.

A Red Team Assessment aims to provide a comprehensive threat simulation for an organization. This is accomplished by conducting a blended attack against multiple Security Domains. The ultimate goal of the Assessment is to determine the steps that could be taken by an attacker to gain access to critical business assets (trophy data), and what, if any, response the organization is capable of mounting in the face of such an attack.


Engaging SecureState's Red Team is the only way you can truly know how your organization will stand in the face of a all-out, no-holds-barred attack. This service is the pinnacle of offensive security engagements in which SecureState conducts blended attacks focusing on three Security Domains. The goal is to obtain access to the most sensitive, business-damaging information or processes of the organization. This engagement is not for the faint of heart.


SecureState is highly skilled and passionate about conducting full-scope attacks. Our team members are out-of-the-box thinkers that have backgrounds which include military and intelligence fields. SecureState staffs experts in social engineering as well as logical, physical, and wireless security.

Approach and Methodology

A Red Team Service starts with a conversation between you and SecureState. This is to ensure both parties are on the same page and to identify the specific trophies for the engagement.

After the preliminary information is obtained, SecureState develops an operational plan, detailing multiple scenarios, all leveraging threat-representative, blended attacks. These blended attacks leverage vulnerabilities that span multiple Security Domains, making them often overlooked in traditional security assessments. At this point, SecureState will execute the plan of attack and make continuous adjustments until the trophies are compromised.

The final deliverable for this engagement is an extremely detailed report which explains all of the steps leading up to the trophy compromise. SecureState provides remediation steps for specific vulnerabilities, as well as mitigation strategies for any difficult, non-traditional problems identified during the assessment. Finally, a detailed breakdown of each of the three Security Domains is included for the purpose of providing actionable data designed to help shape your remediation timeline.

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