Mobile Application Security White Box

The White Box MAS Assessment is a code-level review to assess the security of your mobile application.

A White Box Mobile Application Security (MAS) Assessment is the most accurate way to identify and diagnose many security problems within a mobile application. There are dozens of security problems that simply cannot be found any other way. For this method, the client provides SecureState with the source code and the entire precompiled application. SecureState uses static binary analysis technology to look at application in a non-runtime environment to assess the application for coding flaws and vulnerabilities.


The Whitebox MAS Assessment can evaluate applications through advanced modeling and can detect flaws in the application’s inputs and outputs that cannot be seen through manual testing. By looking at the code in its “final” compiled version, a program can evaluate vulnerabilities introduced by linked libraries, APIs, compiler optimizations and third party components that standard source code testing cannot easily identify.


The combination of the best in automated static analysis technology along with the Mobile Application Security experts at SecureState provides an unbeatable combination and value for our clients.

Approach and Methodology

Using static analysis tools, SecureState is able to conduct comprehensive code reviews of client mobile applications. White Box Mobile Application Security Assessments make use of the fully compiled application binaries with “debug flags” enabled so that problems can be more quickly identified throughout the testing process.

SecureState reviews all findings in order to minimize the presence of false positives. This will include all third party libraries and components if they were provided for the initial analysis. By reviewing the application’s source code and aligning it with the results of the static analysis, SecureState is able to verify or deny the vulnerabilities found by the process to provide line by line details on specifically where coding flaws were


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