Incident Response Plan Development

An Incident Response Plan prepares an organization to effectively respond to threat events and mitigate negative impacts to business operations and data security.

It makes more sense to plan for a disaster, than trying to react to it. By incorporating thorough and comprehensive incident handling procedures in your information security policies, an organization goes from panicked to purposeful during an incident. Consequently, an organization can expect to minimize loss, downtime, and affect to reputation, by executing carefully crafted, preplanned responses.


In the current threat environment where the eventuality of an incident is "when" not "if", the ability for an organization to react with laser focus and purpose is invaluable. Practiced incident response plans mitigate or remove not only the most costly "knee-jerk" reactions and cover a multitude of information security incidents, but reduce money-hemorrhaging recovery time, and make face saving disclosure practices standard procedure as well.


Our team is staffed with industry experts from a variety of backgrounds who have performed investigations and built IR programs in military, law enforcement, government, and nearly every private sector as well. We maintain our knowledge-base of attacks and recovery techniques through collaboration with non-for profit professional organizations, education, and government sectors. Our work across various industries means that we are sensitive to the different regulatory and security concerns for individual organizations. By leveraging decades of experience, multi-faceted backgrounds, and our professional relationships, SecureState is able to build detailed, customized plans to address the information security threats prevalent particular industry environments.

Approach and Methodology

The SecureState IR experts begin formulating an organization's custom IRP by conducting interviews with relevant staff members and performing analysis of current documentation to identify both gaps and already implemented best-practices within existing policies, processes, and procedures.

Drawing on our vast knowledgebase, we establish an continually updated industry-focused baseline which is used to augment an organization’s current IRP or create the framework for an entirely new program, as needed. After developing the initial document, our team performs a comprehensive review with an organization's core information security personnel to ensure that for every step of the response effort, the processes and procedures make sense for that particular organization.

Further customization is accomplished by managing particular support tasks such as developing internal policies until the plan of customized response is accurate, efficient, and effective for that individual organization.

Upon completion, SecureState will perform a critical tabletop testing exercise with the organization that will walkthrough real-world incident examples in accordance with the new IRP. This test will provide an excellent understanding of the procedures in addition to demonstrating the effectiveness of the IRP, the procedures expected of individual response members, and the ability of the response team to work together to quickly and efficiently resolve an incident.


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