With the government’s significant push to adopt cloud solutions, the security of these solutions has become vital.

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) was developed to provide a standardized approach to assess, authorize, and monitor cloud services and products. With the government’s significant push to adopt cloud solutions, the security of these solutions has become very important. This program was developed to increase confidence in the security of cloud solutions, achieve consistency in security authorizations and application of security standards, and increase automation for near real-time data/monitoring.


Identifying and establishing the right security controls for your cloud computing services is an important step in ensuring those services meet FedRAMP requirements. Those that are looking to become government authorized cloud computing service providers must be able to understand the security controls and privacy requirements that apply to their services; and the data to be processed before the controls can be implemented. In addition to becoming a requirement within the federal government, this program saves significant costs by allowing organizations to demonstrate compliance, as well as improving real time security visibility, and improving trustworthiness, reliability, consistency and quality of the Federal Security Authorization process.


SecureState consultants are experts in understanding the technical infrastructure and business aspects of your organization. We have the knowledge to assist you in understanding and interpreting both the technical and administrative aspects of FedRAMP and NIST 800-53 security controls and documentation requirements. Our team can provide you with the knowledge transfer required to ensure control gaps are identified, as well as assist with developing a plan of action to ensure your cloud computing services will meet the strict FedRAMP requirements.

Approach and Methodology

SecureState’s methodology follows that within the FedRAMP directive. Similar to FISMA, our team follows a four-phase process while building security packages for FedRAMP.

The FedRAMP assessment process is initiated by an agency or Cloud Service Provider (CSP) beginning a security authorization using FedRAMP requirements.  These requirements are FISMA compliant and based on the NIST 800-53 standards.

CSPs implement the FedRAMP requirements within their environment and hire a FedRAMP approved third party assessment organization (3PAO) to perform an independent assessment to audit the cloud system and provide a security assessment package for review.

The FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board (JAB) will review the security assessment package based on a prioritized approach and may grant a provisional authorization.

Federal agencies can leverage CSP authorization packages for review when granting an agency Authority to Operate (ATO), saving time and money.

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