Device Discovery

Device discovery tools allow organizations to keep track of all of the equipment accessing their environment and/or network.

With the sophistication of various network devices today, it is difficult for providers to be able to tell just how many devices are on their network, leaving potential gaps in security. SecureState will assist organizations with finding and grouping assets present in their environment by performing a custom network scan to identify devices not normally managed by internal tools. Once the organization has a firm understanding of all assets a strategy can be formed for ongoing maintenance of these systems that will greatly enhance both manageability and security.


Most asset management systems do not accurately track networked devices like Insulin pumps, MRI machines, CT machines, etc. Since hospitals share the burden of securing these systems in conjunction with the manufacturer, it remains critical for hospitals to accurately track these systems while also identifying rogue devices not previously tracked.


SecureState’s research and innovation team has been involved with testing and improving the security of medical devices for years. This expertise combined with our ability to scan networks and devices for known and evolving vulnerabilities makes SecureState a natural choice for engagements of this type.

Approach and Methodology

SecureState first performs a credentialed and uncredentialed discovery scan of the entire network, focusing on identifying devices and classifying them by criticality.

SecureState then provides a comprehensive report containing found devices including, Manufacturer, Device type, and criticality of the devices. This will help with ongoing efforts to maintain and secure the devices from a risk based approach.

Finally, SecureState assists with patching compliance, monitoring of known vulnerabilities, and operating status. Additionally, SecureState can assist with hardware lifecycle management.

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