Data Discovery

Data discovery is the identification of sensitive or regulatory data and is an important component of compliance readiness.

Data discovery is the identification and auditing of sensitive or regulatory information, such as confidential, proprietary, and personally identifiable information. Once SecureState identifies and verifies data, we analyze and correlate it to determine the effectiveness of the controls that protect it and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of that data.


Most companies understand how and where sensitive data should reside within the environment. However, due to the inter-connectivity between supporting groups and interrelationships between business processes, data tends to reside in systems, applications, databases, and file shares that do not provide necessary information protection, authentication, and confidentiality. Data Discovery will help organizations identify all applicable data and ensure that controls meet security best practices and compliance requirements.


SecureState has experienced professionals who can provide a methodology and readiness plan that limits the damage of a potential data incident and reduces recovery time and costs and liability.

Approach and Methodology

SecureState's Data Discovery process determines the threat, affected resources, and impact of a potential data leak, interception, or theft. An effective assessment depends on a properly scoped engagement that identifies data and process classifications, escalation procedures, resources, risk, impact, and prioritization.

During Data Discovery, SecureState will identify the types of data (data classification), location of data, and impact the data has to the organization. To accurately measure this key information set, SecureState will interview data-owners and IT staff for data controls, data types, and access to data. SecureState will work with the client to improve the ability of staff to prevent, detect, and respond to future threats while helping define the scope and control points needed for future assessments or certifications for HIPAA, ISO 27001/2, and PCI. We will comprehensively scan for sensitive and regulatory data on file systems, commercial and open source databases, documents, shares and container files, such as email storage and compressed archives, while also assisting the company in controlling the storage, access, and transmission of sensitive data, and implement the tools to properly control and encrypt the data. SecureState will help support the company’s ability to fine tune its data retention, data access, and disposal policies. Finally, we will develop a Project and Implementation Plan custom to the environment and data classification.

The Data Discovery methodology includes host-based agents deployed and installed on MS Windows-Based systems. Agents efficiently distribute search processing across a network of computers to exponentially reduce search times and network traffic. Unix/Linux-Type systems are mapped to internal storage devices that can install and run host-based agents. SecureState will identify, process, and audit data of any type on disk or network share in raw formats.

Once data and associated systems and devices have been identified, SecureState documents applicable controls related to it. This assessment leads to remediating and implementing additional safeguards; removing data sources; and protecting data, databases, applications, and file shares.

Data Discovery
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