Continual Compliance

A year-long retainer of QSA advisory, and preparation for the annual Payment Card Industry Report on Compliance (PCI RoC).

The challenges of information security programs are daunting enough for most organizations. When the added external requirements of the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) are layered into the equation, oftentimes more questions than solutions arise. This leaves organizations scrambling at the last minute either to adjust the network architecture and configuration, or to change organizational procedures to meet requirements that were thought to be in-place.


Stay ahead of industry pitfalls and the PCI requirement curve by having a dedicated Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), backed by a team of industry subject matter experts, to answer your questions and keep your program on track. Save both time and money by receiving critical advice to help your organization design systems and processes to be secure and compliant from the ground up, eliminating the rework necessary to ‘bolt on’ security after the fact. Be prepared whenever a new trend or vulnerability emerges that may affect your particular PCI environment. Ultimately, your organization’s dedicated QSA will guide your team on how to bolster your organization’s information security posture and build a PCI Security-Focused culture, ensuring your organization’s ongoing readiness for the annual PCI Report on Compliance.


Organizations make significant investments to achieve PCI DSS compliance. SecureState understands that falling out of compliance may mean losing that investment. Our certified and qualified industry leading professionals have experience helping companies maintain their networks to the fullest extent of the PCI DSS in the face of an ever changing technological and threat environment. We are dedicated to staying on the bleeding edge of these changes and we are ready to come alongside your organization to share it. SecureState has been a QSA firm almost from the start of the PCI DSS program and its staff has over a 100 combined years of experience.

Approach and Methodology

The SecureState Continual Compliance program partners your organization with a dedicated PCI QSA to answer questions specific to your cardholder environment, confirm validations and configurations meet the intent of the PCI DSS requirements, proactively manage change, and assist in keeping your compliance program on track with the completion of time-sensitive activities. Additionally, your partner QSA will guide your organization through changes to the PCI DSS, and keep your team advised of industry trends, ensuring that your established PCI Compliance program is always optimized and unquestionably ready for the annual PCI Assessment.

As a retainer advisory service, a SecureState PCI QSA backed by our accolade winning PCI team, will be dedicated as your organization’s primary point of contact for all questions and concerns that your organization may have. While advising on specific questions, the QSA’s goal is guiding the organization in a continual improvement cycle to create a more proactive security culture and ensure that the organization is prepared for their annual RoC. We start by sitting down with the organizational owner of PCI compliance to define milestones and establish a timeline of for the requirements vital to ongoing improvement in PCI compliance. Quarterly and ad-hoc calls facilitate this and the other discussions necessary to provide the expert level guidance on the compliance program such as changes to the threat environment, the PCI DSS, and needed upgrades to the CDE infrastructure. By the sixth month, an organization will be fully aware of whether or not they are on track or need to reschedule their PCI Assessment. By the end of the first year, the organization will have established a continual, business as usual, approach to PCI DSS compliance management as well be 100% prepared for their next PCI DSS assessment.

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