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SecureState Analyst Reveals Tool of the Trade

March 31, 2015

CLEVELAND, OH -  It’s technically yummy, but you can’t eat it.  You will, however, want one – especially if you crave cybersecurity. 

“This gives you one of those movie-type scenarios, where you can walk into a building, connect the device to the network and pentest from outside,” creator Jeremy Schoeneman described.

Schoeneman is a research analyst, specializing in penetration testing and attack services, at SecureState. What he’s describing is a Raspberry Pi Pentester, a cybersecurity device used by ethical hackers at SecureState. This is just one of the tools SecureState uses to determine the security vulnerabilities of a businesses’ computer network.

“All you have to do is plug in a properly configured device, such as the Pi Pentester I have created, sit it somewhere obscure, such as a lobby or public area of the building, then connect to the private network this Pi is broadcasting,” explained Schoeneman.

Sounds like science fiction?  It’s not.

To read the entire blog on this cybersecurity invention, check out:

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