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SecureState CEO Ken Stasiak Discusses Emerging Security Trends

March 30, 2015

CLEVELAND, OH -  Historically, the banking industry has been the front-runner in cybersecurity, with other industries such as retail and healthcare, looking to them to take the lead and move the bar.  With disruptive technology like mobile banking and two-step password verification being used by high-tech companies such as Google – but not yet by the banking industry – is it time for the keepers of the currency to respond? 

“We’ve seen that (banking industry’s cybersecurity) diminishing over the years,” SecureState CEO Ken Stasiak explained.  “What they’re doing is kind of sitting back a little bit, in a complacent manner, and determining how they’re going to invoke this new technology.”

In this month’s video, road blocks preventing the banking industry from staying ahead of the cybersecurity curve are revealed, as are possible solutions to breaking through those barriers, and how it all affects millions of people everyday.

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