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SecureState will donate a portion of December’s proceeds towards a scholarship fund for upcoming “Capture the Flag” hacking event

The security industry is booming! The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 53% growth through 2018, but many young people aren’t interested in the field, or are simply unaware that cybersecurity can be a viable career path. Those who are interested may find it difficult to hone their skills, legally.

In the spirit of giving this holiday season, SecureState will donate 100% of theZombie hackathonprofits from select services towards a scholarship fund which will become the top prize at our first annual “Capture the Flag: Zombie Survival Hackathon.” 

The CTF event will take place Spring 2014, bringing together teams of students from high schools across the region who will compete in a variety of challenges. Unlike other “hackathons,” which focus only on completing challenges, this event keeps participants engaged with a zombie-survival story weaved into the game. Completing each challenge reveals a new part of the story and determines the virtual fate of the contestants as they hack their way to safety.

This unique experience will serve to challenge and educate high school students who have the skills to be successful in the field of information security, and the scholarship fund will help provide an avenue for the brightest of those students to further their education.

Services Being Offered:


SecureState will use Social Engineering to determine the adequacy of the Security Policies and Procedures (SPP) and the awareness surrounding these policies. SecureState will send targeted spear phishing emails to employees. If and when the user connects to the website, the user will be presented with a login screen. Upon logging in, the victims’ credentials are captured, and then a malicious payload will execute in an attempt to compromise the underlying operating system.


Mobile Device Security Testing simulates a malicious attacker attempting to gain system or administrator access, bypass security controls, or exploit vulnerabilities on the target system— be it a tablet, PDA, iPhone, iPad, etc. During this assessment, SecureState will provide recommendations for fixing any vulnerabilities discovered.

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Sample Challenge:

Translate the following:

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Fhozvg gur nafjre sbe 100 cbvagf.

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