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Many companies today are faced with growing networks, added complexity and advanced threats. Because of this, an increasing number of organizations are opting for an alternate approach to intrusion detection by contracting Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs).


MSSPs offer the small to medium-sized organization access to resources that they could not otherwise afford. While many companies feel competent enough to handle a multitude of security issues, they lack the overall skill necessary toMSSP and Incident Responseimplement a security strategy. Intrusion detection is simply one of the many components that is necessary in developing a security strategy.


The issue with outsourcing your detection is that although an incident may be identified, who is actually going to respond to it? Plain and simple, the last thing you want to do when you detect a breach in your organization is to get on the phone and start shopping for the right party to respond to the issue. In a crisis situation an organization is exposed to costs and risks that are virtually limitless, and could quickly land almost any company in serious trouble. This is why your MSSP should be able to respond in an appropriate manner.

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A Product isn’t the Solution

Threats are evolving and it is becoming increasingly difficult to detect and counter them. A typical MSSP will offer a hardware solution that is placed in-line to detect network traffic and potential anomalies. If the signatures are consistently updated, this is can be a great method of initially catching a potential incident, but after an incident is flagged, who is there to verify it?


Most MSSPs will next try to do some initial verification to ensure it is not a false positive, but in reality the majority of these individuals are help desk level engineers without a proper incident response background. It is paramount that when dealing with incidents the organization can verify and validate compromises, collect evidence, contain and eradicate threats and rapidly recover from impacts. The organization must understand that incident detection, validation and response are a continuous business process, and not a piece of purchased software or hardware.


SecureState’s MSSP solution has been developed by industry leading experts who have several years of experience in dealing with incident detection and response. Time is money and the longer your systems are compromised, the more potential exposure you are opening yourself up to. In any instance where an incident is detected, it bodes well to be able to engage the solution in one step.