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SecureState is a great place to work, we offer a fun and challenging environment, and we’re often asked what we look for in potential employees.

It’s not a huge secret, we look for a lot of the same qualities in professionals that most other companies look for such as: education, experience and professionalism. In addition to those basic requirements, we also carefully evaluate candidates from a cultural perspective, because we want to make sure we will be a good fit for each other.

So if you would like to learn more, or you’re simply interested in what security company’s value, here’s a look at some common recruiting questions we receive along with insightful answers.


Career Q & A                                          

1.       What educational background should someone have who’s interested in information security?

Generally we look for candidates with a BS/BA, but it’s not necessarily a requirement. In management, we are looking for an MBA or equivalent work experience. However with all things it depends. We often recruit veterans, and we value the work ethic and leadership that they obtained from serving. Overall, we really value experience, certifications and training when it comes to professional background.

2.       What do you look for when reviewing potential candidates?

This is highly dependent on the role someone applies for as well as the level of the position.

For an entry level candidate, we are looking for someone with a passion for the industry that is shown in their extracurricular activities and what they do in the free time.

For a senior level resource, we look largely to their work history, certifications and what they are known for within the industry.

When it comes to the interview, a big part is cultural fit and learning agility. Employees need the ability to work in a fast paced environment, while understanding and relaying complex principles in a way that our customers can understand.

3.       What skills does a person need to be successful here?

Most importantly, you need motivation and a willingness to learn. Good communication skills are also key to navigating our dynamic culture.

In a few words: passion, intelligence, accountability, helpfulness, and eagerness are all things that bode well for success at SecureState.

4.       What sets candidates apart?Company_1

Attitude and willingness to be challenged are huge. You may be great on paper, but if you’re not passionate, you won’t be a good fit. We work with each other eight plus hours a day, so we have to like and want to work with each other.

5.       How can a new hire be successful in their first 90 days?

Follow, and trust, in our process. We developed it for a reason. Once you fully understand why we do things the way we do, new hires can start to incorporate their own perspective and personality into our culture. Also, ask a lot questions there is a learning curve that everyone has to get past. Your first 90 days is all about believing in SecureState. If you don’t believe within 90 days, chances are you are not passionate about working here, which isn’t good for you or us.


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