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SecureState’s SecBlanket+ Receives Celebrity Endorsement

One time Disney child star, hard-partying socialite, and overall famous train-wreck Lindsay Lohan has been seen enjoying the Hollywood nightlife while sporting her new SecBlanket+!

When asked about her newest fashion accessory, Lindsay responded:

“Keeping my personal information out of the hands of the paparazzi is important.  Like, really really really important.”

She added…

“I just want the privacy to use twitter while I’m in public places.”

Lindsay checks her e-mail with friend Paris Hilton outside Hollywood nightclub ‘Sequel’

Indeed, in one of her recent “privately-tweeted” tweets she proclaims:

“OMG this blanket rocks! It’s even spill-proof!” 

Lindsay checks her LinkedIn profile while “friend” Sam Ronson drives. SecBlanket+ is not recommended for use while driving.  Good Job Lindsay! 

Unfortunately, for Lindsay, SecBlanket+ is not yet standard prison issue since prisons, themselves, are already pretty secure.


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