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Introducing: SecureState’s SecBlanket+

With terms such as hackers, malware, cyber war, and identity theft being thrown around in the media, it can be downright scary. Whether you are a large corporation worried about protecting trade secrets or a teenager wanting to play FarmVille, SecureState wanted to ensure you are safe from these threats. So without further ado, SecureState’s Research and Innovation Team is unveiling a brand new security tool, dubbed “SecBlanket+”.

SecBlanket+ is designed to protect you from every modern threat in the world. Whether your kid is worried about that monster under their bed or China dropping a zero day on your system, SecureState has your back. SecureState has spent the last five years in heavy development of this product to pack in features that cannot be found anywhere else on the market.


Thread Count                                                                                                                               

While a standard blanket purchased at a large retail store will sport a hefty thread count of 350, SecureState has increased this number to an unheard of 4,096 thread count! SecureState uses a new process called interweaving sewing (iSew) to achieve such a high thread count. This higher thread count ensures that no information can escape from within the SecBlanket+. The SecBlanket+ doubles as an effective Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution. The next time your auditor asks you about your Disaster Recovery Plan and what course of action you take if the power goes out, simply say with pride that you have your very own SecBlanket+ to keep you safe.

RFID Blocking

Worried about RFID signals? Not anymore! SecBlanket+ is designed to block all wireless signals to ensure that your information is not captured by a nefarious attacker. Hey digital forensics individuals! Looking for a Faraday bag? Well guess what? The SecBlanket+ is better and provides wireless charging for devices while ensuring wireless signals are cut off.

Flexible “Touch” OLED Displays Powered over Ethernet

I’m sure you’ve heard of other companies attempting to bring “smart watches” or “smart glasses” to market. Here at SecureState, we have them beat. SecBlanket+ currently has the ability to plug into an Ethernet port. Once this occurs, the OLED displays integrated into the inside of the SecBlanket+ will activate. Along with touch recognition, a user can browse the series of tubes from the safety of their SecBlanket+.

SecBlanket+ : The Greatest Invention… Ever.

If you are interested in learning more about the protection offered by SecureState’s SecBlanket+ contact a sales representative today at 1-800-903-6264 or place an order at Be sure to ask about SecBlanket+ in additional colors and inquire about the ability to add your very own brand to the finely woven fabric. What are you waiting for?

Don’t take our word for it; take the words of individuals who have tried the product:

“Who needs a penetration test anymore? If you have the SecBlanket+, you are secure.” – Tom Eston

“I no longer need my nightlight when I go to bed! Thanks SecBlanket+!” –Tommy (8 year old)

“This product ensures our clients are completely secure from every threat conceivable!” –Brett Kimmell (Not 8 years old)

“Revolutionary!” – Matt Neely

“Where did I put my beer?” –John Melvin


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