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Imagine this:  you go to your mailbox and pull out the assorted letters and circulars. One of the letters is from your doctor’s office, informing you that the office was broken into and an unsecured laptop was stolen; it contained data on some of the patients and your data may have been on the laptop.

The reality is that those letters are appearing in mailboxes nationwide.HIPPA Compliance

It’s happened here, the stolen laptop contained 3,621 patient records.

It’s happened to Howard University Hospital too.

This breach, involving the medical records of nearly 20,000 patients on the West Coast, was discovered by one of the affected patients on another website.

The Department of Health & Human Services is publicly calling-out the worst offenders. See them on HIPAA’s Wall of Shame, Right HERE.

Do we have your attention yet?


With more and more doctors and hospitals going digital with healthcare data, the number of HIPAA breaches goes up as well. And those breaches are costing a significant sum, averaging a million dollars a year.

At SecureState, we help those who handle patient data from becoming the next statistic. Just give us a call at 1.800.903.6264, or visit us online here.