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I’ll be presenting “Smart Grid IQ Test – Assessing the Security of Smart Grid Systems” at the Technology First Ohio Information Security Conference (O-ISC). The conference is March 13th and is located in Dayton, Ohio. This is a great talk outlining the various assessments that need to occur against smart meters and the infrastructure that supports them. Below is the abstract for the talk:

Today many gas, electric and water utilities are implementing smart grid systems to better monitor and manage their distribution networks. Smart grids present unique security challenges because the critical infrastructure they monitor and manage is deployed into insecure and hostile environments where attackers will have direct access to key components. Additionally, because of the wide geographic area these systems cover, a timely response to intrusions is not assured.

It is essential to make sure the security of these systems is fully tested. The talk will start out by reviewing the common components in a smart grid system. Next it will cover the rules and regulations related to smart grid assessments. The rest of the talk will focus on the different assessments which should be performed on various parts of the infrastructure. The talk will include demos of various smart grid testing tools and techniques.

Registration for the O-ISC is currently open. I’ve presented at three previous O-ISC conferences and it’s a great little conference that pulls in good speakers and attendees. If you are in the Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus or surrounding areas, I recommend you check it out.