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NFC cards have become increasingly popular as a form of access control in the past few years; but are all cards created equal?


In the corporate environment these access control badges are being paired with company IDs as a form of high tech security. Whether being worn on the belt or around your neck as a lanyard, they are ever visible while in the office, but what about out in public? When coming to work or going out to lunch, these IDs are usually still worn in a visible location allowing for all to see that “Company A” uses a type of NFC badge for access control. But how secure are some of these NFC cards, and how hard would it be for an attacker to duplicate yours?

By focusing on one of the most popular and longest existing NFC cards, the MIFARE Classic 1k, it has been shown time and time again that not all access control cards are created equal. And sometimes it’s surprisingly easy to make an exact duplicate of a legitimate employee ID, without that person even knowing.

SecureState has released a whitepaper on the MIFARE Classic NFC cards titled, All is MIFARE in Love and War.

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