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It’s been a few months now since SecureState released their smart meter attack framework Termineter.  It has had a lot of attention since then, and the original functionality was considered to be the bare minimum for conducting security testing.  SecureState has also encountered additional clients looking for assessments on their smart meters, providing opportunities for more features to be added.  Furthermore, many improvements have been made based on the feedback of the community.  Both individual users and smart meter manufactures have reached out to the Termineter development team to provide input and make the tool better.

Most of the improvements have been to make Termineter compatible with additional types of Smart Meters; however additional modules are on the horizon. The first module since Termineter’s public release was recently added to the trunk.  This module takes advantage of the capabilities of Termineter to run C12.19 procedures and provides the user with the ability to initiate a meter reset. The module wraps the ninthprocedure of the ANSI standard and provides the user with the option to initiate a self read or an on-demand reset.

The Termineter Framework can be found here: