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SecureState is offering security assessments at a special holiday rate, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.


SecureState for Kids

To take advantage of this opportunity, speak to a SecureState Sales Representative by December 15th and be sure to mention SecureState for Kids Holiday Assessments.

Security Awareness testing – Spear phishing

SecureState will use Social Engineering to determine the adequacy of the Security Policy and Procedures (SPP) and the awareness surrounding these policies.  SecureState will send targeted spear phishing emails to employees.  If and When the user connects to the website, the user will be presented with a login screen. Upon logging in, the victims’ credentials are captured, and then a malicious payload will execute in an attempt to compromise the underlying operating system.

  • Spear Phishing Package A: $1,500 – Email Social Engineering Test based on targeting 5 people
  • Spear Phishing Package B: $2,500 – Email Social Engineering Test based on targeting 15 people
  • Spear Phishing Package C: $5,000 – Email Social Engineering Test based on targeting 30 people


SocialScans™ examine an organization’s databases and social networks to detect what is exposed on the Internet about the organization. SocialScans™ provide a good baseline to see where an organization’s security is, while the tailored approach produces in-depth information that can help to strengthen or develop effective policies.

This includes: detailed reports including screenshots, conversation threads, maps, analyzed information, and correlated information, to provide a clear picture of the Social Media footprint.

  • SocialScans™ Charity Holiday Package A: < 500 Employees – $2,500
  • SocialScans™ Charity Holiday Package B: > 500 Employees – $5,000

Mobile Device Pentest:

Mobile Device Security Testing simulates a malicious attacker attempting to gain system or administrator access, bypass security controls, or exploit vulnerabilities on the target system— be it a tablet, PDA, iPhone, iPad, etc. During this assessment, SecureState will provide recommendations for fixing any vulnerabilities discovered.

  • Mobile Device Penetration Test: $4,000 – One Device

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*Payment to SecureState by December 31, 2012, with work completed by January 29, 2013.