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Matthew Neely, Director of Research & Innovation and Chris Clymer, Manager of Advisory Services discuss SecureState’s iRisk Equation on the 90th Southern Fried Security (SFS) Podcast. During the podcast, Neely and Clymer introduce the iRisk Community Wiki Page site and encourage the security community to contribute to the open source project.

“This is a living, breathing site that is being updated almost daily. We are addressing existing framework issues and focusing on areas that need improvement. We welcome the community to go to the site, review what’s up there and to contribute,” said Neely.

To listen to Episode 90-iRisk Framework, click here.

Those interested in learning more, please go to the iRisk Community Wiki Pagewhere additional information on the framework is located. To participate in refining the equation, go to create an account on the wiki site, provide your e-mail and SecureState’s Research & Innovation Team will contact you on next steps.

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