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Can the Veritas Scientific scanner really read your thoughts? The system is based on specific cognitive, sensory, and motor brain responses, or ERP (Event Related Potentials). The technology is used to analyze EEG dips in as little as 200-500 milliseconds to ascertain the brain’s reaction to specific stimulus. For example, it can be used to determine if a subject recognizes the face of a person using the widely documented P300. Correctly interpreting these electrophysiological responses can theoretically be used to read a subject’s mind! The suite of solutions offered by Veritas Scienticfic, called BrainTruth™, is probably closer to a neuroscience lie detector, but likely has far reaching privacy ramifications!

The jury is still out on the effectiveness of these nascent technologies. The current solution requires the subject to wear a “helmet” to accurately perform the scan, but as neuroscience continues to evolve, future versions may be able to scan without such a device and therefore do so without the subject’s knowledge. Then keeping your “thoughts” private becomes more difficult. One thing is for certain, should this come to fruition, the legal structure will not be in place to  require proper oversight on the use of such technologies.