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SecureState and CISCO will present “Getting a Seat at the Table: Making the Move from Security to Risk Management to Current Trends” plus “Analyzing Cisco’s Strategy for Security Risk Management and the Increasing Trend to Mobility”

Learn how to use your security mindset to play with the big boys to drive your program and your career!

 Pittsburgh – Tuesday, November 22nd

Location:   Cisco System Offices

323 North Shore Drive, Suite 300

Pittsburgh, PA 15212

When:  Tuesday, November 22, 2011

1:30PM – 4:30 / REGISTRATION 1:00PM

Registration required:

Click here or call 216.927.8200

In a recent study of 441 Corporate CEOs, CFOs and Financial Executives, 60% plan increased investment in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) over the next three years. In light of this, many CISO’s are intensifying the manner in which they organize the planning and delivery of security and compliance around risk.

Risk is always a challenging discussion for anyone, execs included, since the formulas vary and many of the most critical variables are unknown. Worse yet, others are unknowable! How are analytical techniques regarding unevaluated information of great complexity and corporate sensitivity going to be utilized going forward? By finally filling in the underpinnings of the simple risk equation [Risk = Threat X Vulnerabilities – Controls], we’ll explain how this could have a profound effect on how you manage your security program.

In addition, Experts predict that there will be 1 Trillion devices connected to the internet by 2013. But these devices are very different than what we saw 2 years ago. Today, these devices are consumer grade tablets, Smartphone’s, embedded chips, games etc… and as time progresses, the vast majority of these are communicating over wireless technologies. Users of these devices are increasingly bringing them to work and mixing business use and application with personal/Social media usage.

SecureState and Cisco will show you how to get top-down support and use bottom-up advances to understand where organizations are going, how risk management is changing, and how to improve security’s (and possibly your) stature. These topics and more will be addressed in this interactive seminar!


1:00-1:30             Registration

1:30-2:30              Introduction and Overview of the Current State of Risk Management in the Corporation

2:30-2:45              Aligning Your Security Program with Risk Management- A Practical Approach and Risk Equation

2:45-3:00              The Challenge with Threat – Why Leaders Won’t Take You Seriously Until You Answer This…

3:00-3:15              Break

3:15-3:45              Where Could Threat & Security Intelligence Operation (SIO) Make Sense for You?

3:45-4:30              Cisco’s SecureX Architecture: A Strategy for Securing Trend to Mobility and the Borderless Enterprise 

As you move from the security guy to CISO, can you elevate your program with Risk Management?

You’ve taken the beneficial (and required) steps to build your security program. While there is a lot more to do, a new dynamic is emerging in companies– Enterprise Risk Management. Learn what you can do to get ahead of this curve and answer the most vexing question from Executive Management – How do you know Risk if you don’t even know what threat is? 

SecureState and Cisco will address such topics as:

  • Why do so many executives see Security as inadequate?
  • Can you realistically evaluate the strength and readiness of your security infrastructure?
  • How can you get ahead of the game on risk with threats, vulnerabilities, and controls?
  •  A practical, useful security risk equation that you can use without killing its success.
  • Why does addressing threat in the risk equation help with one of the most vexing issues plaguing security risk management today?