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Today SecureState released new details on a vulnerability regarding TCL code injection in SiteScape Enterprise Forums.  This web application provides a large scale collaborative environment that many organizations use for communication and documentation. This vulnerability, originally released in 2007 as CVE 2007-6515, stated only that SiteScape could be exploited to execute Tool Command Language (TCL) commands.  The vulnerability itself remains, at the time of this writing, in candidate status, and no exploit code has been released.  SecureState is releasing detailed information regarding the processes of exploiting this vulnerability to result in OS command execution as well as a XSS condition.  The tool SecureState is releasing, in hopes of raising awareness of this issue, allows users to verify the vulnerability and receive an interactive prompt to execute commands on vulnerable machines.  The tool is written in Python.  See our security advisory and white paper for more information.   You can download the SiteScape exploit tool here.