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me in first place and everyone on the team did an amazing job contributing. I have to give a shout out to Irongeek and his time and dedication to the CTF. It was truly a great experience. Some of the ideas, twists, vulnerability linking, and creativity of the overall CTF was a unique experience in itself. The hack with the rotating web cam to see a password written on the computer is just a taste of the creativity Irongeek put into the CTF.

Overall, it was truly a great time and a great experience at the Louisville InfoSec Conference, would highly recommend it next year!

Quick outline of how we got first place:


Machine 1

MS08-067 with Meterpreter payload, dumped hashes, and performed rainbowtables to crack passwords. Fast rainbowtables did’t work, ended up using CUDA cracking power to get the password.


Machine 2

Directory traversal to /etc/passwd, found user account that was on the windows box, with same password on *nix box. Pulled off encrypted TrueCrypt volume. Found a robots.txt with a disallow on a config file that contained the MySQL db username and password. Connected to the mysql machine and extracted a table that had the truecrypt password in it. Inside that file was a password protected 7zip file.


Machine 3

Web based camera web interface, not a default password, no published vulnerability, no apparent easy way in. Performed arp cache poisoning, obtained the credentials passed in the clear of view/view. This got us access to a web cam that could rotate. Rotating it from left to right, it revealed a piece of paper with a handwritten password that ultimately allowed us access to the 7zip file.

Thanks again guys was a blast, nice job Pure-Hate, Archangel, and Titan. Bang up job team.

Irongeek’s post about the CTF