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As many of you know I’ve invested a ton of time and effort into an open-source tool called Fast-Track. I won’t get into the nitty gritty details about the inner-workings of the tool, but it has gotten heavy backing lately in the security community. I present at all the normal ISSA, ISACA, Infraguard, OWASP, Defcon, Shmoocon, INFOSEC, HTCIA, NOTACON conferences and try to portray my knowledge and vision in security to other people. SecureState puts on free seminars and is one of the thought leaders in the information security realm. Our goal is to help our customers but also present the “SecureState Way” in security. With any popularity you always get the select few that don’t understand, lack experience, or perceive themselves above everyone else. Fast-Track isn’t just a small side project for me, its been something that I take great pride in and invested a considerable amount of time to better the security community. For the one person out there that talks negatively about Fast-Track through podsp_ConvertSQLServerDates, to others, and not directly towards us really show an individuals true colors. I open the comments section to anyone that’s got a gripe with me and Fast-Track and we can do some fun internet blogging wars! This post is really directed at one person… If you wish to remain hidden and in the shadows I would cease on what you do, or I can really start to embarrass you publicly in front of thousands of people.