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Security breaches are on a rise due to the diminishing economy around the world. It is no longer acceptable for any organization to have a development team that does not understand the threats against the applications they produce. This course is aimed at developers, security enthusiasts, and those new to the security community to take a dive into the hacker’s world. Have you ever wondered how attackers break into applications and exploit their weaknesses? This course will provide you the tools needed to provide your own assessments on the applications, perform attacks against systems, and ultimately ensure that your systems are safe from attack.

Day one will be presentation style, live demonstrations, and questions and answers in all aspects of web application security. The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) will be discussed in-depth and walk through each OWASP Top Ten category for web application security flaws and remedies for poor programming.

Day two will be all “hands-on” live attacks against systems using multiple open-source tools. Fake networks will be constructed to provide a simulated attack environment, and walking the students through how they can perform their own “live” assessments, use the exploits only hackers know, and ultimately how to prevent these issues.

This is a must for any developer, security enthusiast, or those looking to get into the security field. Web applications are an estimated eighty five percent of all breaches. Plunge yourself into the dark arts of hacking and ask yourself one question. Are you protected?