Our Philosophy

SecureState believes in a different approach to security, one that moves beyond short-term fixes and aligns security to business risks.

Management Consulting for Information Security

SecureState is a global management consulting firm, specialized in information security. Our purpose is to make the world more secure. We believe in an industry-focused, business-oriented approach, putting our clients’ needs first. We partner with our clients as business advisors, aligning our team to provide your team with a unique advantage of both personal engagement and technical expertise. Because we are a matrix organization, we have the flexibility to put the right people on every engagement. We do the right thing for our clients, by working with them to determine their security challenges, providing both tactical and strategic solutions, and helping to align those decisions to their business goals.

SecureState has developed a business model, through years of consulting experience, to help businesses align their goals with their security needs. From beginning, we partner with you to determine your CurrentState (CS). We provide a number of Tactical and Strategic solutions within your industry, allowing us to gain an understanding of your security risks. Within each solution, we provide services to remediate your security risks.
These solutions move your organization toward your DesiredState (DS) and a more Acceptable Level of Risk (ALoR). We help you account for the Principles of Three Forces: time, resource, and change. We continue partnering with the client, moving toward more managed state of security called the SecureState (SS). We use a modified Deming cycle (Check, Act, Plan, Do) to help the client reach operational excellence. Ultimately, our goal is for clients to achieve a consistent, measurable and repeatable process that can be applied to any business environment.

SecureState is a matrix organization, with a team of consultants set up to handle multiple complexities across many industries. SecureState’s structure of Management Consultants (MCs), Research Analysts (RAs), Business Writers and support staff allows more personal engagement, with the team given time to utilize their unique expertise.  MCs take project lead, engaging with a client’s high-level management. RAs serve on project as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Business writers translate the data to language everyone in your organization can understand and use.

As a progressive and forward-thinking organization, SecureState is driven to stay ahead of the cybersecurity curve, providing the very latest research and innovation in the industry. We strive to provide the best information security, adapting to change, to forever help the success of our clients and employees.

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