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Security Policies and Procedures


Security Policies and Procedures are the building blocks of an information security program. This basic foundation includes all the rules for your organization to follow in regards to information security. Proper documentation is an essential part of any security program. In addition to helping demonstrate compliance, documentation allows employees and other stakeholders to identify responsibility and more efficiently perform their job functions.

  • Proper documentation is an essential part of any security program
  • Documentation allows employees and other stakeholders to identify responsibility and more efficiently perform their job functions


Many organizations go online and download generic policies and procedures that they find on a website. These documents were not created with the knowledge of what the organization values or states as its primary goals. In the end, these security policies do not make sense in the context of the organization. In some cases, the implementation of the policies could be detrimental to the organization or cause the organization to be non-compliant with regulations they are required to follow. SecureState will build strong, enforceable information security policies that will provide guidance and direction to your employees. These information security policies are developed to meet the organization’s specific goals and needs; as well as aligning with regulations and standards that the organization must follow. These include: PCI-DSS, TR-39, GLBA, and the standards related to HIPAA, such as NIST 800-66.


With SecureState's Security Policies and Procedures program, our staff writes effective policies and procedures that are tailored to your organization. SecureState will document procedures and incorporate industry best practices while creating such policies. These policies are created by technical writers at SecureState who work with Subject Matter Experts (SME). This approach ensures the best of both worlds is applied to the creation of security policies and procedures.

Did You Know?

  • Ineffective policies and procedures are one of the top reasons companies fail audits related to PCI, TR-39 and HIPAA
  • No one person can be an expert in security which is why SecureState takes a team approach to writing policies and procedures
  • Many people have the misconception that policies and procedures are just busy work documents that don’t have a meaning. However, in reality, strong policies and procedures are at the foundation of your security program; and communicates to employees how they can do their job in a secure manner
  • Your security policies and procedures should be reviewed during you annual Security Program Assessment (INFOSEC)

Our Approach and Methodology

First, SecureState begins its Security Policies and Procedure creation by interviewing personnel for clarification on the current process. Second, SecureState reviews existing policies and procedures as necessary within the scope of the engagement. Furthermore, new policies and procedures are drafted which are reviewed by SecureState’s internal resources to ensure they meet best practices and compliance; as well as regulatory requirement. Next, the draft policy is reviewed with key client personnel to ensure the new policies and procedures will not impact current business processes. Any feedback is used to modify the policies and procedures to create finalized documents that meet “best practices”, regulatory and compliance requirements, as well as supports the client’s business processes.

What Makes Us Different

  • SecureState combines a technical writer with a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the specific policy and procedure to ensure we deliver the best quality possible
  • SecureState’s Audit and Compliance group has extensive knowledge of all the major regulations and compliance frameworks which is leveraged when policies and procedures are created. This is especially critical when developing policies and procedures that must meet multiple, and sometimes conflicting, regulatory and compliance standards.
  • SecureState works to understand your business to ensure our policies and procedures are enabling businesses instead of hindering them.

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