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Program Building and Mitigation Assistance


Information security program building and mitigation assistance from SecureState addresses your organization’s strategic and tactical security needs. More specifically, information security program building outlines the strategic security focus for the organization; while mitigation assistance helps ensure that any issues are efficiently addressed in the path toward building a comprehensive and sustainable security program. SecureState regularly assists organizations develop critical programs; including, Vulnerability Management, Patch Management, Change Management, Data Classification and Programs that ensure Minimum Security Baselines are developed and applied before systems are placed in a production environment.

  • The strategic security focus for the organization helps insure that any issues are efficiently addressed


Security priorities can quickly become flawed, and new vulnerabilities are discovered every day. Information security program building helps keep the security focus sharp, as SecureState guides your organization toward a solid security program that is tailored to your business needs. While we build your organizational security program, mitigation and remediation assistance will be necessary to keep risk to your critical assets at an acceptable minimum.


It is impossible for one person to know everything there is to know about security; which is why SecureState formed a team of consultants to collectively bring all facets of security expertise to you.

Did You Know?

  • After a penetration test, or failed audit, most organizations do not have the manpower to remediate the discovered problems in a reasonable time frame
  • Vulnerabilities evolve quickly. It is important that high priority vulnerabilities discovered during a penetration test are addressed within 45 days.
  • No single person can know everything necessary to build a security program. SecureState has a team of experts that specialize in the areas needed to build such program

Our Approach and Methodology

SecureState’s Program Building and Mitigation Assistance services are tailored to fit each client’s needs based off of their business drivers, internal resources and existing security projects. In general, when SecureState assists a client with program building and provides mitigation assistance, the first step is to perform an assessment of the environment. Once this assessment has occurred, SecureState will work with the client to develop a roadmap to build a security program and outline any mitigation assistance that is immediately needed. Next, SecureState helps the client build their security program while simultaneously providing mitigation assistance to fix any vulnerability discovered during the first assessment. As the security program evolves, additional vulnerabilities will be discovered which must be remediated. When this occurs, SecureState will work with the client to generate an outline of project plans as to how SecureState and the client will work together to resolve such issues.

What Makes Us Different

  • SecureState has 5 practices comprised of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to ensure expert advice and assistance as you build your security program
  • SecureState has experience working in small to large companies spanning multiple industries