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Network Segmentation


Network Segmentation is the process of separating networks containing sensitive information from those that do not.


By segmenting networks, the security focus can be placed on the areas that matter most. This reduces the costs of compliance with many regulations. Additionally, labor intensive or costly hardening may be limited to those networks that are needed the most. This also guarantees that only approved employees have access to sensitive information, which reduces the negative effects if a breach should occur.

Did You Know?

  • Segmenting your network can limit the scope of PCI audit
  • More and more organizations are segmenting their internal network to add defense in depth and address regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Network Segmentation reduces costs of compliance with many regulations
  • This is SecureState's #1 selling service after a gap assessment
  • Network segmentation can greatly reduce your total cost of ownership for PCI and HIPAA compliance

Our Approach and Methodology

SecureState's team will analyze your network and provide a guide to reducing the scope that regulations cover, which will help segment the network by separating sensitive data from other data.

What Makes Us Different

  • SecureState has experience segmenting networks for companies of all sizes, from small retail organizations to large Fortune 200 financial institutions
  • SecureState’s Risk Management consultants have experience supporting enterprise level networks and understand the importance of building reliable and supporting networks
  • SecureState takes into account the network layer, application flows and business log when designing a segmented network
  • Network segmentation plans are reviewed and approved by SecureState’s Audit and Compliance Team to ensure they meet regulatory and compliance requirements