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What are our Packaged Services?

As your enterprise security team, your organization may need a variety of services from SecureState to help supplement or compliment your current information security program. As such, SecureState has developed Packaged Services to help your organization limit costs while getting the level of service you need.

StateScan Packaged Offering

SecureState’s StateScan service gives your organization the complete package needed to ensure your perimeter is secure. Penetration Testing, Web Application Security Reviews, Vulnerability Assessments and Firewall Rule Set Reviews ensure that your organization is finding and mitigating any potential risks from an external threat.

Beyond Compliance

Beyond Compliance takes your organization past the struggle to comply with regulations, to real security. In the ever-changing landscape of information security, it is becoming more important for your organization to do more than just implement controls that satisfy your regulatory standards commitment. Beyond Compliance will help you become proactive toward information security, building a solid foundation for any information security issues that may arise. ​