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Incident Response Team

Why SecureState?

SecureState takes a holistic approach to Incident Response, by interweaving components from all of our services and consultant methodologies, to help organizations build fully mature security programs. We enforce a dedicated R&R focus that drives an identified need to improve, create and support organization security programs and processes.

We work with our clients to align security strategy with business goals, guiding them from the CurrentState (CS) of their security environment to a DesiredState (DS), consistent with acceptable levels of risk.

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Our Experts

The Incident Response Team holds some of the toughest certifications in the business, including:

  • The Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) in incident handling/hacker exploits (GCIH)
  • The Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)
  • Intrusion Detection and Analysis (GCIA)
  • Forensic Analyst (GCFA)

Our experts have experience in Military Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and Big X Consulting, and have been involved in the acquisition and forensic analysis of data in high profile events, including the Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster.

SecureState has coordinated Incident Response teams that have included FEMA, AFCERT, and DHS against inclement weather, terrorist activities, and world-wide threat events.

Several members of the team have high-level government security clearances and are trusted with the nation’s most classified secrets. Our strategic partnerships with the FBI, DHS, US-CERT and InfraGard permit SecureState to obtain the latest cutting-edge and persistent attacker techniques and exploits, which gives us the information necessary to give you the latest intelligence.

How we Work

The Incident Response Team helps to manage and facilitate the response and readiness capabilities of an organization, and identifies and develops business impact planning. We work closely with clients, becoming an essential keystone within their enterprise, ensuring the security program matures.

We work throughout various stages in an organization’s security lifecycle, and facilitate vulnerability management services to help prepare an organization to identify, correlate, and respond to any event that may affect its resources.

Our approach integrates three primary disciplines:

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