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Cross Compliance Mapping Assessment


Most organizations find themselves dealing with at least two different compliance frameworks from regulations, contracts, or organizational standards. Generally, there is at least a 70% overlap between security and IT frameworks at a control level. Cross-compliance mapping is valuable in aligning frameworks so that a single, comprehensive audit and compliance framework can be built and managed.

The Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) was designed to address the issues inherent in handling a variety of frameworks and regulatory and compliance standards.


  • Maps various organizational compliance frameworks into one comprehensive control framework
  • Provides better insight/view into control requirements
  • Allows an organization to realign and reduce controls for easier management
  • Provides higher degree of governance
  • Helps to better understand maturity


SecureState’s Audit & Compliance consultants are experts in understanding both the technical aspects as well as the business aspects of your organization. Our expertise lies in using the UCF to perform cross-compliance mapping. The UCF is the most comprehensive and widely used tool for cross-compliance mapping and is the foundation for most Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) products on the market. It covers over 100 different IT and security frameworks that have been redacted, and maps to thousands of controls.

Did You Know?

  • Generally, there is a 70% overlap between security and IT frameworks at a control level. The UCF harmonizes that 70% of the cost can be reduced by assessing redundant controls for multiple security and IT frameworks.
  • The UCF is used as a basis for many GRC Products
  • The UCF features over 3,000 Harmonized Controls

Our Approach and Methodology

SecureState has developed a solution for organizations seeking to identify where the overall security program is; and how to effectively meet the challenges within the program. Our experienced team members will provide a detailed outlook of the overall compliant controls based on a variety of different requirements. Additionally, we will map an information security program to over 140 different standards, regulations, compliance, frameworks, and other metrics.

To get a clear understanding of how the overall process works, SecureState engineers will perform applicable technical assessments; and based on those findings, we will map them back to each control point to identify compliance or non-compliance in the specific areas.

Mapping the results using the UCF gives a better understanding of what percentage of controls were tested through these assessments, and identifies any gaps in compliance the testing has revealed.

What Makes Us Different


  • Provides comprehensive on-demand security expertise during the engagement and throughout the year
  • Supports its clients’ GRC programs with our proprietary” MyState Portal” and a team of credentialed security specialists
  • Uses the UCF which is used as the basis for industry leading GRC products
  • Has assisted organizations on GRC implementation
  • Provides an in-depth analysis on your current state of controls and effectiveness of technical assessments