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Continual Compliance


Complying with various laws, regulations, and standards can be a time consuming and tedious process. Very few corporations have the experts on staff to keep up with the continual changes that affect security. SecureState’s team of Fortune 500 experts serve as a virtual department within your organization. This is to ensure that your organization follows audit and compliance laws, regulations and applicable standards.

SecureState’s team takes the hassle, burden, and concern out of remaining current on the latest laws, regulations and standards that impact your organization. Applicable regulations include, but are not limited to:

  • PCI
  • HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules
  • EU Safe Harbor and other applicable foreign country legislation
  • GLBA/FFIEC Safeguards and Privacy Rules
  • ISO 27001


  • Remain compliant with applicable laws, regulations, and standards throughout the year
  • Identification of non-compliant areas and understanding of what actions are needed to comply with applicable laws, regulations, and standards
  • Avoidance of fines that could result in falling out of compliance
  • Proper 3rd party objective demonstration of compliance


SecureState’s Audit & Compliance consultants are experts in understanding both the technical aspects as well as the business aspects of your organization. Our experienced Team Members have assisted organizations in compliance with both private and federal regulations; as well as privacy legislation passed in foreign countries. Our Team of certified auditors includes, but is not limited to the following designations:

  • CISA
  • QSA
  • PA-QSA
  • CIPP
  • ISO 27001 Provisional Auditors


Did You Know?

  • Continual compliance can reduce the time it takes to perform the onsite assessment
  • We will track the periodic assessments and checks that are required throughout the year, such as vulnerability scanning and rule set reviews
  • Continual compliance begins right after the issuance of the RoC
  • Continual compliance can assist with ensuring the security of your cardholder data environment throughout the year
  • We maintain ongoing communication about relevant PCI news throughout the year
  • Formal meetings are conducted quarterly and four ad-hoc meetings can be scheduled through the year

Our Approach and Methodology

SecureState schedules quarterly meetings with clients to ensure ongoing compliance with applicable regulations. These quarterly meetings will discuss required assessments by any applicable regulation as well as changes that could impact the organization. In addition, the subject organization can schedule ad-hoc meetings throughout the year as their infrastructure/processes changes. This is necessary as changes in the subject organization’s infrastructure and the way in which information is processed can impact compliance status.

What Makes Us Different


  • Provides comprehensive on-demand Privacy and Security expertise during the engagement and throughout the year
  • Supports its clients’ with our proprietary MyState Portal and a team of credentialed security specialists
  • Maintains close relationships with our clients because we care about the outcome of the assessment
  • Has worked with companies of all sizes and within every industry in assisting with compliance mandates
  • Has industry leading, published experts in every area of regulatory compliance
  • Provides a single point of contact to manage all aspects of the assessment and continual compliance to maintain continuity